"Tassels, an evening of burlesque" - Geneva - 2018.12.11

Retrospective 2016-2018 Preview (Extract)

You can download here a PDF file as a preview of the book.

Welcome to this site, which presents my favourite photos.

I am a 61 year old amateur photographer living in the suburbs of Geneva (Switzerland).

I only started to use a "real" camera, which my father lent to me, at the beginning of 2016.  (I had previously used a simple smartphone for photography). I later acquired a Canon EOS5D MarkIV to be able to use all the lenses that my father bequeathed to me.

As an architect, I am particularly attracted by buildings or bridges with strong contrasts, colours and interesting details, but also like to focus on small objects such as a flower or a piece of electrical wire.

I would describe myself in three words : passionate, curious and eclectic !

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If you have any comments or criticisms (positive ones !), don't hesitate to send a message to my e-mail : echatelain36@yahoo.com or leave one on the special "Comments" page at the end of this site.

Many thanks for having visited my site.

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22. Nov, 2018

New publication !

Christmas comes much earlier for me this year... :-)
It's an incredible honor for me to announce that Camerapixo Editions just published a retrospective (2016-2018) of my photos of architecture.
Follow the link to order your hard copy...

18. Nov, 2018

Number of visitors

Unbelievable : more than 61'500 people visited this site till today ! One day before my birthday, it's an incredible joy, so thanks everybody for coming, I hope you had the same pleasure to look at my work than I had to prepare it ! And one more time : don't hesitate to leave me a comment on the dedicated page...

7. Nov, 2018

New publications on 1x.com

Great news to share : the famous and very selective platform 1x.com has just published two of my pictures... So proud of it :-)

5. Oct, 2018

IPA 2018

Woohoo ! Great news and incredible joy to share : my picture "Japan Tobacco International Headquarter" won an honorable mention to the famous International Photography Awards. I'm so proud of it...

15. Sep, 2018

The art of cropping (update)

If you are searching for a simple and powerful method to crop and to frame any kind of picture, just follow the link and enjoy. Feedbacks on my home-made tool will be highly appreciated :-)