18.02.18 - Outing at Clarafond - Arcine (France)

Welcome on this site, which presents you my favorite pictures.

I am an amateurish photographer living in the suburb of Geneva (Switzerland) and I am 60 years old.

I'ts only in the beginning of year 2016 that I began to use a "real" camera (in contrast to my simple smartphone used before for shootings), lent by my father. I acquired even later a Canon EOS5D MarkIV to be able to use all the lens that he left me in inheritance.

As architect, I am particularly attracted by buildings or bridges with strong contrasts, colors and interesting details, but I can also focus on small things as a flower or a piece of electrical wire.

If I had to be described in three words, it would be : passionate, curious and eclectic !

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If you have any comment or criticisms (but positive ones) to do, don't hesitate to send me a message on my mail at : echatelain36@yahoo.com or on the special page "Comments" at the end of this site.

Thanks a lot for having visited my site.

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21. Feb, 2018

New publication : Hot Shots N° 28

Personal record exploded : 13 pictures published in the same issue of "Hot Shots We Inspire" from my beloved editors ! Click on the link above to discover them...

19. Feb, 2018

Number of visitors

Today you have been more than 35'000 people to have visited this site !
What a score for a website which exists only from April, 1st 2016 :-)
Hope you like it, and don't hesitate to leave a comment... Cheers to all !