From Å to Y - My photo road trip project for 2021

I took a strong resolution in 2020 : I resigned my position as architect at the City of Geneva, and in 2021 I'll to embark on a long journey by minibus to go to the city of Å (Lofoten Islands, Norway).

After being in the north, I plan to go to the south, in a small city of France named Y.

I found it amusing to make a journey of at least 8'800 km to go from Å to Y :-)

You can see on the maps here above the first version of my road trip.

The purpose is firstly to see how people have survived during these long months of confinement, then to take a picture a day and to make a book on my return.

All themes that I am passionate about will be covered : architecture of course, landscapes, street photo, portraits, etc

To have the possibility to make this trip, I’m going to need financial and logistical help from you !

The first thing that would do me a favor is to buy one (or more) of my photos you can see here :

I’m counting on you to make my retirement dream come true !

Thank you in advance for your help, no matter how small it will be...