Last publications from Camerapixo Editions : a must-have !


Extract of vol. 1 "10 year anniversary Architecture - Square formats"
with my published images


Extract of vol. 2 "10 year anniversary Architecture - Square formats"
with my published images

Welcome to this site, which presents my favourite photos.

I am a 62 year old amateur photographer living in the suburbs of Geneva (Switzerland).

I only started to use a "real" camera, which my father lent to me, at the beginning of 2016.  (I had previously used a simple smartphone for photography). I later acquired a Canon EOS5D MarkIV to be able to use all the lenses that my father bequeathed to me.

As an architect, I am particularly attracted by buildings or bridges with strong contrasts, colours and interesting details, but also like to focus on small objects such as a flower or a piece of electrical wire.

I would describe myself in three words : passionate, curious and eclectic !

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If you have any comments or criticisms (positive ones !), don't hesitate to send a message to my e-mail : or leave one on the special "Comments" page at the end of this site.

Many thanks for having visited my site.

Amicably yours,



29. Jul, 2020

Fantastic publications !

Today is published a 3 parts special issue from Camerapixo Editions !
The booklets are dedicated to architecture photography in square formats.
I have the great honor to be published in #1 and #2, plus the cover page of #2 :-) Please follow the link to see more and to order your hard copies...

25. May, 2020

New tryptichs

Please discover an update of this new section with the link here above.
I hope you will like it so don't hesitate to write a comment...

23. Mar, 2020

To sell !

You can now purchase a print of very high quality and in a limited edition : see this new section, which will be completed and updated in the next days...

New version : Proportional_Grids_Manual_V6 !

A nice method to crop all types of photographs by using special grids as layers in PhotoShop. Very easy to use and so powerful ! The manual is free for downloading. PSD file is sold 20$ :-)

Photography class PCL 2008

This book was created by my father in 2008 when he was 85 years old (!) and still an active member of the Photo Club of Lausanne (PCL).
A must to read, even if some subjects are a little bit obsolete

Retrospective 2018

You can upload here a short extract of my retrospective photography book (mainly architecture)...