Frame within a frame (Aquatis Museum Lausanne)

Welcome on this site, which presents you my favorite pictures.

What motivates me, it is to take photos quickly with the camera that I have on the moment in my hands (generally a simple smartphone Galaxy Note 4 or more recently, a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV). My pictures are frequently very colored and contrasted and I always try to find a sort of dialog between lights and shadows.

I am very eclectic in my choices and I can focus as well on a simple shell, a piece of electric cable or a magnificient landscape !

It is necessarily partial but it is so !

If you have any comment or criticisms (but positive ones) to do, don't hesitate to send me a message on my mail at : or on the special page "Comments" at the end of this site.

Thanks a lot for having visited my site.

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28. Dec, 2017

New publication : Hot Shots N° 26

This month 4 pictures published and my first double page !
Funny detail : this one has been shot with my smartphone... :-)

21. Dec, 2017

Prints and gifts

A selection of my favorite pictures to purchase !
3 mini-books on different topics, whith something special : each page can be unfolded to be used as a postcard :-)

27. Nov, 2017

NISI filters

Firts steps in the use of the famous NISI filters...
See any landscapes pictures by clicking the link here above.

21. Nov, 2017

A home-made tool for framing your pictures !

Update of the tool I developed for cropping and for resizing my pictures, with a complete manual :-)
Click on the link here above...

11. Nov, 2017

Number of visitors !

Today is a great day : more than 28'000 visitors on my site, I can't believe it :-)
Thank you for that and don't hesitate to write a comment on the appropriate section of this site !

9. Nov, 2017

New publication : Mono-World #4

This month, 4 of my pictures appear in the special book "Mono B&W #04" from Camerapixo Editions :-)
It's a great honor to be published beside so many famous photographers. See an extract of the entire issue by clicking on the link above, or copy this one below, and paste it in your web browser :

31. Oct, 2017

Jean Chatelain

Mise à jour de la page dédiée à mon père Jean Chatelain (30.05.1923 - 14.12.2016), avec quelques unes de ses meilleures photos...

25. Oct, 2017

Show "Pasión de Buena Vista"

Another opportunity for a shooting to be made thanks to the Camerapixo Press Card...
Click on the link above